Friday, June 11, 2010

Finally. Maybe.

Yes, I've changed the blog look again. I realize that you think this makes me an indecisive malcontent who is never satisfied with anything.

You know me well.

Actually, that's only partially true. The reason I changed the blog template again is because blogger has this new template design thing with more options, and I finally found what I was looking for back when I changed the template the first time. I wanted a dark "night owl" look that wouldn't be too difficult to read. For a long time there was nothing like that. Now there is.

I'd like to say this is the last change I'll make. But I'm not ready to make that commitment. I'll only say that this is my last change -- until I like something better.

But while I'm in my present euphoria over the new look (this is all starting to sound like finding a new girlfriend), I should christen it properly. And the proper way to do these things is a trade post. Trade posts are the foundation on which card blogs are built. Our founding card bloggers wrote trade posts on cave walls, you know. We must continue the tradition.

I am featuring cards from three folks here. One is from reader Steve, one is from Bo of Baseball Cards Come to Life, and one is a surprise package from AdamE of Thoughts and Sox. I remain woefully behind on posting trades. And I'm not doing much better in sending cards out. I will make slow (very slow) progress in this area over the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, folks are peppering me with trade requests. I'll try to get to you all.

For example, I did respond to Steve's request. Steve had some '90s Dodgers off my want list and wanted next to nothing for them. That is my kind of request.

Included in the stash were three Nomo cards that I needed. I am now at more than 250 different Nomo cards. It is a paltry number compared with super-Nomo collectors. But I don't care. I am confident in my mediocrity.

I can't tell if Mondesi is gritting his teeth as he seems to be in about 50 percent of his cards. But I'm going to say he is in sort of a half-grit.

Here we have Mondesi in full-grit mode. He had to be absolutely scary-looking coming around the bases.

Mondesi may or may not be making a cameo in this amusing card of Ramon Martinez. Look at Ramon! He's pretending to be a hitter! That wacky guy.

Speaking of cameos, here is Rickey Henderson infringing on Greg Gagne's card and infuriating Henderson collectors everywhere because they have to:

1. collect this card
2. put a card of Greg Gagne in their collection.

Back-to-back Mike Piazza cameo cards. There are many, many, many of these cards. Piazza has to hold the record for the most cards in the 1990s. He has to.

Here is Todd Worrell all by himself on a Metal Universe card. I have no idea what's going on around him. It looks ominous.

Last card from Steve, who sent many others by the way. It's a press proof card from 1996 Donruss, the set with the worst logo placement in the history of card collecting. Why didn't they just wrap a loin cloth around each card?

On to Bo's cards. He picked up a bunch of early '90s Classic cards, which I love, by the way. I asked if he might have a spare Ron Walden, as it's the only Dodger I need to finish Classic yellow.

He could absolutely spare a Walden and here it is! Fun fact on the back: Whitey Ford holds the All-Star record for most runs allowed. Let's hope that's still true.

I can't believe I still need this card. Between team set collecting and set collecting, I get so confused. Anyway, I'm glad I have it now. I'm pretty sure there is a blank spot in my 1993 Upper Deck binder where this card should go. Meanwhile, there are probably 5 of this card in my Dodgers dupes box.

Bo was kind enough to help me with my '92 OPC Premiere Dodger needs. Won't you join him in his charity endeavor?

Normally, sending me a Jose Canseco card is almost insulting. But not in this case.

It's a night card on the back! The write-up rips Todd Stottlemyre. Card backs were much more harsh in the '90s.

I have been trying to get this card on the Million Card Giveaway site. Can you believe people won't give up a Bill Caudill card? This was one of four cards I need to complete the 1981 Topps set. I am now down to just three -- I think I'll hit COMC right now.

Bo also sent several other great night cards that will be featured eventually on Awesome Night Card. I can't wait to display some of those.

These are two Topps '52 rookies from their 2006 set. They came from Adam, who apparently decided to send me cards out of the blue.

Taken aback, I sent him some Red Sox just yesterday, but I doubt they're as key as these cards. I need to replenish the Sox.

Still need 1992 Pinnacle Dodgers (*shame*) ... (*more shame*)

This is fancy, even though Triple Threads is something I'd never miss if it went away. I think this is the first 2009 Triple Threads that I've received.

Adam knows I love the Fan Favorites sets and he sent me some from 2005, the last year of Fan Favorites.

This card duplicates my favorite all-star card design on my favorite set, 1975 Topps. There weren't a lot of action cards in 1975, so if this card was in the set, it would be much coveted by little boys. It does a good job of showing Morgan's stance at the plate, which I remember more than just about any other player stance from that period.

I've seen this card before. It's rather bizarre, and I'm not talking about Bench's sideburns.

Aside from the pennant, I don't know what the fans are handing him, but he seems rather concerned. It's a strange photo, one that would never appear in 1975. I like his original '75 card much more.

Many thanks to Adam and the other guys. I'll get cracking on trade duty just as soon as this weekend gets out of the way -- school sports officially end Saturday! WOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Bring on the easy season.

Hope you enjoy the new layout. I hope it stays around for awhile, too.


  1. Right there with ya buddy, as soon as I figure out how to customize things with the new template tweeker things are gonna change.

  2. I had stacks and stack of card that I needed to do trade posts on. Finnaly I just said heck with it and put them all in the approperiate binders/boxes. So thanks to all them sorry i didn't write a post.

  3. I like the new layout. As long as Alyssa Milano stays on the sidebar, any layout will look good though.

    I played around with the blogger template, but I haven't decided on anything yet.

  4. I've been wanting to change my blog layout for a long time as well...but I haven't bitten the proverbial bullet and done it quite yet. Maybe after I'm done unpacking a house full of boxes...

    Your blog is lookin' good - I like that it is readable despite the dark background. I like Alyssa too.

  5. Very nice layout. Significant improvement over the previous designs.

  6. Glad you enjoy the cards!

    I like that Bench card. Looks like Shea Stadium which could explain the dubious look on Johnny's face.