Saturday, July 25, 2009

Define the design: 72T

In keeping with the spirit of the card show that I am either presently attending or have just left this afternoon, I have selected 1972 Topps as the latest Define the Design entry.

Last year at this show, I bought a handful of 1972 Topps. A couple of '57 Topps Brooklyn Dodgers sucked up just about all of my money and all I had left went to some '72 commons.

But every '72 Topps card is a great one. I think you know where I stand on this set. And I've just come across a great name for the set.

I was watching one of the rather entertaining videos that Billy of West Virginia Cards has been posting. In the most recent one, he featured some of his cards from the '70s, my favorite card decade. He referred to the 1972 Topps cards as "psychedelic tombstones."

Fantastic. I had never heard of that before. That is a great name for the set. So, by all means, comment on what you call the set. But it's going to have to be awfully good to top "the psychedelic tombstone set."


  1. It the hippie jam band concert poster set!

  2. When I was younger the older kids referred to this as the psychadelic set as well. They would also refer to the 1971 set as the "Bang the Drum Slowly" set. I never got that one until I saw the credits in th movie.

  3. I've been referring to these as psychedelic tombstones for years. I'm not sure where I picked it up.

    A quick search of my blog finds a fleeting reference! Maybe Billy swiped the term from me? I wish I know who I swiped it from.

  4. Mr.Owl.... I have your package ready to go.... I made sure that the package give a hoot about its new owner.... anyways i'll put it in the mail on tuesday since monday are hell at work!! And how about those Marlins?? Yay-yay!!

  5. Package incoming to you. If theres a Live Bomb coming to my house I know your responsible.

    Trust me, I know --- ;)
    Chris (never update the site though, o well)