Monday, July 23, 2018

The best dime box ever or someone's pulling my leg

I am currently cataloging the cards from the dime box that I bought at my last card show in April.

So it's appropriate that I would receive a surprise package over the weekend from reader Dave with a note that said he was inspired enough by that post about buying an entire dime box to purchase one of his own. Then he said, "All of these cards came from that box. And what a box it was!"

After reviewing the contents, I agree. That was some dime box. Far, far, far, far, FAR better than the dime box that I bought. I mean I'm going through card after card of busts from 2014 Bowman in my dime box.

But I'm a natural skeptic and it's difficult for me to believe that all of this great stuff from Dave was reduced down to a dime apiece. I'm going to show you the cards and give my own opinion on whether I think they actually came from a dime box and you can play along, too.

I'll start with some cards that I'd be surprised if they didn't come from a dime box. Three refractors from six-year-old Chrome. Yes, I believe these came out of the best dime box ever.

Two night cards from last year's Update, both excellent candidates for the night card binder. Yup, I'll bet these were in a dime box.

The lone hockey card in the bunch of another former Sabres player (they're all former Sabres players). Yup, this could show up in a dime box.

A host of Panini Diamond King Dodgers from last year's set. I believe I need just one card to complete the team set now. Also, Panini, please stop issuing that image of Pee Wee Reese every single year.

These could easily inhabit a dime box. That's where last year's unlicensed cards go to die.

A host of needed Dodgers from the last couple of years. This is where I raise my eyebrows. Most of these, sure, they're dime box fodder. But I'd be surprised by seeing 2018 Series 2 inserts in dime boxes already and definitely surprised with a high numbered Heritage card from this year popping up with a 10-cent sticker.

1981 Kellogg's cards are the kind of happy surprises you always hope to unearth when discovering a dime box. They are the dime box gems. Yeah, I believe the Rickey card, along with the Reggie Smith and Steve Garvey '81 Kellogg's cards that Dave sent, came out of the dime box.

A&G minis? Yeah, sure. Sometimes dealers don't know what to do with these things. Lucky us. But the Clemente is definitely a dime box find if that indeed is where it actually resided.

A wonderful Japanese night card oddball? Some dealers have no idea, throwing a card like this in a dime box. Yes, I'm sure Dave salvaged this from a dime box.

How hard we've fallen. Back in 2014, Alex Guerrero was all over every Topps product. I really wish Topps would stop doing this with so many rookies. Pick maybe 10 or 20 good ones. Because a few years later, you're left with 65 Onelki Garcia cards and that makes everyone look bad.

I totally believe an autographed card of Alex Guerrero was in a dime box even if I don't believe anyone would put an autographed card in a dime box.

Well, this makes me a little sad: A 1975 Ron Cey and mini Terry Hughes in a dime box? Granted there's marker splotch on the Cey card, but these are cards that should be under glass, you guys!

*Sigh* Yes, I think they were in this fabulous dime box.

Nu-Card Scoops? In the dime box? Hmmmm. I believe these cards from 1961 don't get the respect they should have but look how sharp they are! (This will be a recurring theme). Look how happy these 2 cards make me! I'm not buying it! They didn't come from a dime box!

Not these ones either! It's not easy to find cards from 1971 and 1973 in as fine a condition as these specimens. Both Burbach and Johnson are high numbers. Without consulting my complete sets, I know all of these are upgrades over what I have in there.

I'd be pretty shocked to see cards like this in a dime box.

Same for these fellows. Oh, how I wish I could find mid-1960s cards in a dime box! I suppose only in the best dime box ever you could find things like this! Then I look at my dime box finds and it's a 2016 card of Matt Reynolds. I think a lovely conditioned '67 Jimmy Piersall appears only in a dime box from another dimension.

Now, this is where I wanted to know exactly where Dave found a dime box like this.

These are the best-conditioned 1965 Topps cards that I have seen in my entire life. Fresh-out-of-the-pack 1965s and of notables like Conigliaro and McCarver. I would've passed out if I found cards like this in a dime box. They'd have to carry me out on one of the dealer tables.

The '65 set is not a set I've considered collecting, even though it's the most baseball set of the 1960s (and my second favorite behind 1967). But getting '60s cards is a lot of fun whether I'm targeting the set or not.

P.S.: There's no way, Dave, these came from a dime box.

Finally, this card.

I so want this to be a dime box card.

First with the addition of two new Kershaw cards from this package, this card is my 600th Clayton Kershaw card.

Also, just think what this card coming from a dime box would mean.

This is a 2017 Topps Now card, featuring one of the certified stars of the game. Topps wanted you to pay $9.99 to own this card one year ago at this time. If Dave is saying what I think he is saying, he obtained this card for 10 cents -- a $9.89 markdown.

So, I am saying -- YES! -- this DID come from a dime box. Dave beat the system with the best dime box ever!

Dave also sent this book, which is an MLB handbook for the 1966 season.

I don't know if this is considered the authoritative handbook from that year -- my guess is Street and Smith or the Sporting News or MLB itself published something, too. My knowledge of the 1960s sports scene is limited.

The book gives a rundown of the 1966 season in traditional format. Here are some pages as examples:

In the back of the book is a look at the 1965 season, which, of course produced a World Championship for the Dodgers. There are also your typical stats looking back at leaders over previous years.

And there are some cool pictures, too.

I have a lot of fun going through old periodicals like this, when I have the time, that is.

So, there you go. Judge for yourself. Was this the best dime box ever or an elaborate ruse?

My answer?

I'm starting to think I need to move where Dave lives.


  1. Love the old periodicals. The Sportin News always put out numerous different ones.

  2. New inserts? Yeah, those I see in dime boxes all the time.

    Autographs? I've seen exactly one certified auto in a dime box. It was a minor league JJ Putz, numbered to an oh-so-exclusive 6,995. (How many copies of an unnumbered minor league auto would you expect to exist?) Seems unlikely, but maybe the dealer didn't notice it was an auto?

    I bought my first two Topps Now cards from a dime box earlier this month. Asdrubal Cabrera and TJ Rivera. Even as a big Mets fan I'm going to go ahead and say that Clayton Kershaw is a more desirable player. And I was surprised enough to find those two.

    I never see vintage in dime boxes. Back to 1980, sure, maybe late 70s. But nothing from 1971, let alone well-known names from the 60s. Well, I did find a buyback of a 1968 Rick Monday, but although to me that's a 60s card with a mark on it, to the dealer it came out of a modern box.

    I'm generally happy with the dime boxes where I am, but if these really came from such, I'm jealous.

  3. Oh this was a dime box all right...from a disgruntled vendor who was packing up after a poor showing at a show in Kentucky. I looked at one of the last remaining boxes on the table, pulled out a pile of 1965s and immediately bark at him: how much and gimmie. The box was so good the Tony-C and McCarver were doubles.

  4. That box had literally everything anyone could ever want. Wow! Just ... wow!

  5. Well I'm planning a trip to wherever Dave lives now. My copy of that '67 Piersall high-number cost 50 cents, and mine has all four corners cut off and a hole punched into the middle of it.

  6. Good lord, I would have loved to find a 1965 Conigliaro in a dime box.

  7. Wow. I would have loved that dime box. I don't even have a 65 Conigliaro...

  8. Best dime box ever? Possible. It's hard to beat an autograph, those 65T's, and that gorgeous 1981 Kellogg's Rickey for 10¢ each. But you have seen what Nick has found, right?