Friday, April 6, 2018

Three's company

I like my freshly-cut Hostess cards just fine. But when you readers are right, you're right. And when you supply the instruments to support your argument, then what chance do I have?

A little while ago I was torn between keeping my three-panel Hostess cards intact or cutting them up to match the more plentiful trimmed versions that I was featuring in pages.

Your responses overwhelmingly favored keeping the panels as they were, and many said there's no reason why you can't collect trimmed and untrimmed Hostess cake cards.

Of course! Why didn't I think of that?

Then, Mark Hoyle went one step farther. He clued me in on something that I never knew existed -- three-pocket pages. And then he sent them to me.

The only three-pocket pages that I was aware of was this unusual item:

This is for 4x6 photos, I guess. It's an awkward arrangement, but when you're desperate to store, you'll take anything.

But obviously, that wouldn't fit Hostess panels.

Presenting the Hostess panel-friendly three-pocket page:


Ultra Pro says on its site that these pages are excellent for tickets or currency and makes no mention of Hostess panels. But all I see is something made specifically for Hostess panels.

Look how nicely those slide right in.

After staring at those panels stacked on my desk for months, I wasted no time in adding them to my new three-pocket pages.

Look at them all resting there, three to a row, three buddies keeping each other company.

Now Hank and Buddy can be pals forever. Jon, Lee and Wilbur can swap stories for infinity. George, Denny and Earl will never be separated. Best buds to the end.

This is clearly the way to go.

But just to be sure, I conducted the final test.

I snagged my music cards binder for a moment and let the Hostess panels give it a test run.

This is going to work out fine.

Once I get the nine-pocket pages with the trimmed Hostess cards in there with the three-pocket panels it's going to be a big, happy family of large-sized and small-sized Hostess cards. I just need to get the extra binder (again with another binder).

Thanks for the suggestions, and the pages, Mark. The Hostess guys are already talking among themselves about how great their new digs are.


  1. They look great! So glad you didn't cut them. Also learned about 3 pocket pages.

  2. Dangit I wish we lived closer. I have so many extra binders. Most of them 3" rings or larger, which makes them a pain to fit in a flat rate box...

  3. Man... my dream is to one day stumble across a binder like this at the flea market or a card show. I only own a handful of panels... but if I end up finding more, I'll have to start my own binder.

  4. Man those look fantastic in those pages!

  5. Glad to see you decided to not to cut the panels. Your binder looks great!

  6. They look awesome paged up. Glad to help with the project

  7. Can we submit this as a life hack, like how you put cherry tomatoes between to plastic lids to make them easier to cut?

    And for the record - no. Don't submit it. Cuz "life hacks" are effing stupid. I was being sarcastic.

  8. Perfect fit! Great tip from Mark. The uncut panels look fantastic together.