Wednesday, March 8, 2017

100 words in 5 at-bats

Robert from $30 A Week Habit was kind enough to shop for cards off of our want lists and then challenged us to write about them in 100 words or less, because he apparently used up all of his reading time shopping for cards off our want lists.

The challenge starts now:

Robert steps to the plate brandishing a 2006 Ethier, but grounds weakly to second as Bob Walk the Plank just sent me this.

Third inning now, and Robert HITS A STAND-UP TRIPLE. Gary Sheffield completes the boring 2000 Topps Stars Dodgers set!

Oof. It's the fifth and Robert has whiffed. I've received this card twice recently and already owned it! Doh!

In the seventh, Robert pops to third on a Todd Zeile Chrome that Walk the Plank just sent.

Tie game now. Bottom of 9th. And Robert hits ...





A HOME RUN with a Piazza '94 gold!!

The crowd goes wild!


  1. Nice work there!
    Mine went a little over.. Or I could say it's 100 American factoring in the exchange rate lol

  2. It's good to see that someone paid attention to my posts.

    Well done sir! It appears that you didn't sweat as much as you thought you would writing this post.

    2 for 5...not a bad day at the plate, but not a good day for hitting want lists. I'll do better next time...

  3. Hmmm...I don't have one of those Ethier RCs...or a Gallery Piazza. *Hint, hint*

  4. The '94 ToppsGold Piazza is sweet! That card would've went for a pretty penny back in 1994.