Friday, August 19, 2016

It's not even my birthday

Last month I mentioned a bunch of people who share my birthday and figured out whether they have their own cards.

I came up with quite a few and a mini-collection was born. I decided to grab a card here and there of those born on July 16. I don't know if I want to fill another binder with another collection -- that whole space issue, you know. But getting something every once in awhile sounded fun.

Well, supertrader Doug from Sportscards From The Dollar Store beat me to the punch. He has his own birthday collection and it's pretty robust. He got me started down that same path with a bunch of 7/16ers, many for which I've never owned a card or even heard of in some cases.

It's not my birthday anymore and won't be for a long time. But let's see some other people who's birthday isn't for a long time, too, straight from The Dollar Store, I'm assuming:

I'll start with the most famous first. These happen to be the first three Barry Sanders cards that I own. That Goodwin Champions card is pretty weird. But I'll make an exception for Barry, who started the trend of football players retiring early -- because it's football, and if you're smart enough, you realize at some point, "hey, this is nuts."

The most famous baseball 7/16er not known as Shoeless Joe is up next. Terry Pendleton was always on playoff-contending teams the Dodgers were trying to beat.

Off to basketball now and Zach Randolph and his headband. This just shows you how diversified 7/16 babies are. I've never worn a headband in my life and can say adamantly that I never will. I've never punched another player in the face during a basketball game either.

Apparently if you are born on 7/16 and play hockey, you must play for teams that use red as a primary uniform color. Claude Lemieux, Dustin Boyd and Duncan Keith all did or do.

A couple of cards of former University of Georgia star Knowshon Moreno, featuring him with both of his NFL teams, and floating logos on each. Moreno was born in 1987, which is one of my favorite years ever. It's a shame he missed half of it.

This is where Doug showed his birthday-collecting prowess. I don't know who Solomon Jones is. So I certainly didn't know we share a birthday. But Doug did.

More 7/16 guys I don't know, except for Zach Mettenberger, who rings a faint bell. Titans backup doesn't show up on my radar much.

Jimi ... er, Jeff Hendrix is in Class A ball. Jay Rosehill played a bit for the Flyers and Leafs (ick). And Lang and Brassard never reached the NHL. Where did Doug find these guys? How did he know? Like I said, he's an expert.

The rest of the cards were of players who were not born on 7/16, but they're Dodgers so we'll let that slide.

All of those are needs, so that is very nice. I'm even willing to overlook that fact that neither player on the 2016 Bowman cards are with the Dodgers anymore. Also, I now have eight different Montas Dodgers cards from 2016 and he's never played a game for the Dodgers.

One more card and I'll let you go.

I absolutely love this.

Victor Alvarez, a native of Mexico, was a minor league pitcher for the Dodgers about a dozen years ago. He appeared briefly for L.A. in 2002 and 2003. But he sure made his mark with this autograph.

The signing genius that it took to combine the initials of his first and last name into one striking symbol! The slashing lines signifying what? Let's say power and speed. I don't even know what the circle with crosses for eyes is. It looks a little ominous and quirky at the same time, and adds to the greatness of the autograph.

It might be the best autograph I've ever seen on a card.

Such great stuff all around! And it isn't even my birthday.


  1. "I don't even know what the circle with crosses for eyes is."

    Looks to me like a baseball.

  2. It is simple for the guys that didn't reach the NHL (or MLB yet). I went looking my zistle trade box for cards from known members of that club, and if it was a CHL card, I flipped it over to find their birthdate on the back.

    And yes, Victor is one of the favourite members of my 'nice penmanship' binder.

    1. That is one sweet autograph! Excellent!

  3. I know of one major league baseball player that shares my exact birthday (06/19/77) and that is journeyman pitcher, Bruce Chen. I've picked up cards of his when I've been to shows and such, but I can't say I have much of a collection. I've seen other athletes share the same month and day, but never the same year.

  4. Leafs(ick)?? Blasphemer!!

    Rosehill was one of the last of a dying breed in the NHL, a pure tough guy.

    Love the Pee Wee Reese Topps Marquee card btw, great photo.

  5. The autos I have at him include seams in the "o" of victor, too.

  6. Damn... you share a birthday with Barry and Pedro? Nice. I share mine with Garry Maddox and Clinton Portis. Not quite in the same league as your two guys.

    1. I don't share a birthday with Pedro. His card was just in the stack I got from Sports Cards From the Dollar Store.

  7. This has to set a record for the most non-baseball cards in a Night Owl post. Oh and that Victor Alvarez sig is fantastic.