Monday, September 14, 2015

Lying in wait

I pulled this card out of my mailbox on Friday. It arrived from mr haverkamp and it was nice of him to knock off a Nebulous 9 need, as this card truly, truly finishes off the 1964 Topps Dodgers set for me.

The card arrived in a small, slightly rumpled, plain white envelope, not tall or wide enough for me to see when I looked into the mailbox at first glance.

When I took it out of the box, I noticed the time stamp on the envelope: Aug. 28.

Hmmm. This was Sept. 11. Fifteen days to arrive at my address -- even from California -- is a stretch.

The note inside tipped me off further to a delay. Jim is a Giants fan -- yes, very sad, I know -- and he says "here's to a (hopefully) awesome Giant-Dodger September!"

Well, at the time I pulled the envelope out of the mailbox, the Dodgers were 8 1/2 games in front of the Giants and had effectively put them out of any realistic hopes of a pennant race (although these are the devil magic Giants, so one never knows). No fan of any team 8 1/2 games out looks hopefully forward to a battle with the team 8 1/2 games above them with just three weeks left.

So the question remains: Did it really take 14 days to get to my mailbox or did I not see it sitting in my mailbox for like 10 days? (A more realistic arrival time from California would be around Sept. 1 or 2).

I suppose it doesn't matter. Yet, the idea of a spectacular card like this being under my nose for 10 days without me knowing it was a bit unsettling for a little while there.

But I'm over it now.

I'm staring at Koufax, Marichal, Spahn and Maloney on one card.


  1. Nice card!

    As recently as last year, I had always disliked the '64 set, with their huge plain white borders and large team name, both which stole surface area from the photos. But I'm considering taking a run at (if not necessarily completing the set, then) adding to the 61 cards I already have.

    Just last week I picked up 20 singles from the 1965 set, which I really like (as most of us do). The '64 set will be next in line.

  2. As a former postal employee, my money is on it actually taking two weeks to get to you. Not saying its cause and effect, but, since I left, they went totally to hell.

  3. It really took that long. Had it been sitting in your mailbox your mailperson would have pulled it up to see if was something you were trying to mail and put it with the new arrivals when they saw it wasn't...or at least they are supposed to. Both my father and grandfather were postal workers.

  4. How do you store your team sets? Boxes, binders by year, each set to it's own binder?

    1. Binders by year, but with multiple years included in one binder.

  5. That's a very nice card. Nice to see Maloney included with the likes of those Hall of Famers on there.

  6. If it's not bullet holes completely through the mailer (see Dec 2013 posting); it's a 2 week transit! I will not be intimidated by the USPS when it comes to getting 'Nebulous 9' cards to the Night Owl! If I ever find the 79 Hostess Ron Cey, will find a way to get it delivered in a completely safe, timely in person!

  7. I really feel bad now. This card has been sitting on my desk now for two years for no good reason and I never realized it was one you needed. Sorry