Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The search continues

An update on this card: I'm still looking.

If you read this post, you know that I thought I had landed this card, which is a short-print in the 1979 Hostess set. I ordered it up at the Old Vintage Baseball Cards site, and then waited as weeks turned into months for any sign of the card.

I fully intended to call to ask what had happened, but like so many non-urgent matters lately, I never got around to calling. However, the other day I received an email from the site saying that they had refunded my money as they had been unable to track the card.

I'm not sure what that means. I've worked in retail so I know that advertising that you have something doesn't necessarily mean that you actually have it, but I might call them anyway just in case I'm on some sort of waiting list, or to get on a waiting list. I need that card.

That was a little discouraging, so I immediately went to some cards that someone sent me to remind me that there are actually cards that I no longer need.

I received some cards from Daniel of It's Like Having My Own Card Shop inside an envelope with Diamondbacks stickers all over it. I know, Dan, I try to get rid of my Diamondback stickers that way, too.

I thought I'd count down the needed cards in order of what I liked the best.

Here they are:

7. Play Ball - Orlando Rodriguez

I've said this before -- and just did on another person's blog -- but Upper Deck did no favors to the Play Ball legacy with its 2004 set. Yiiiiick. This is one of the better cards in that it doesn't look like Orlando Rodriguez is one of the baddies in Raiders Of The Lost Ark and his face is about to melt off. Not an attractive set. If you want Play Ball retro, go with the 2003 UD set.

But it's a card I need so ... never mind!

6. 2007 Topps Co-Signers Jason Schmidt and Randy Wolf and Jason Schmidt and Jason Schmidt

What's better than haunting a Dodger fan with the specter of Jason Schmidt? Squeeze another Jason Schmidt on there! Three of the four people on this card are Jason Schmidt, meaning I can count all of Schmidt's Dodger wins with these Jason Schmidts. One win per Schmidt image.

5. Shawn Green, Donruss Classics

Donruss loved silver more than any other card company I think. This is pretty fancy, but I never want to see another silver set -- hear that, Panini Prizm?

4. Minis!

The Bazookas are dupes, I believe, but I know the 2014 Toppseseses are very necessary. I best put up a want list on these now.

3. Dodger McGriffs

Two more Fred McGriffs in Dodger blue, bringing my total to an incredible 26 Dodger McGriffs for 86 games with Los Angeles. Also, baseball card brand names had pretty much lost all meaning in 2003 when a set called "Hot Prospects" included an 18-year veteran who was a year away from retirement.

2. Yes, something I need from 1992

I just know this card was locked away in some vault ready to be unleashed on a clamoring public for millions of dollars when Eric Karros made the Hall of Fame. But in a sad statement on this particular collector's dashed dreams, I now have this card.

1. More Nomos for me

These two cards raise the total to 441 Dodger Nomos. Can't wait to announce my 500th.

So, sure, I still need the '79 Hostess Ron Cey, but you've got to think positive about the collection. I don't need 11 other cards.

Yay, me.


  1. I had the same issue with the same site not long ago after ordering some hard to find vintage Colts cards. I got refunded as well but the way it was handled didn't win my confidence in them.

  2. Glad there were some cards you needed! Good come back about the D-Backs stickers!