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Team collecting 101

Welcome again, class.

I think by now everyone knows your basic Dodger card. The deep blue caps and helmets. The crisp white uniforms with blue script writing. The hint of red on the torso numbers, but nowhere else. The bright white, interlocking "L" and "A". And the background, history, and everything else that emanates from that card.

A Dodger card stands out, and there is no doubt that it belongs in the collection.

But there are many other cards that are Dodger cards that get mucked up by something else on the card. I see some of you putting those cards in other categories.

For example:

This is a Dodger card.

But this is a Dodger card, too.

There is one player on here with no visible team logo. Doesn't matter. He makes it a Dodger card.

Trout card? Stickers? Wrong and wrong. Dodger CARD.

Three Hall of Famers and a Dodger. Dodger card.

Oh, what's that tiny picture in the corner? Yup! Dodger card.

I see nothing but Dodger there. Dodger card.

Come on, man. Too easy. Dodger card.

DAH-djer card.

Doyer card.

Sadly, this is a Dodger card, too.

Even this one. Dodger card.

Read the fine print. Dodger card.

Oooooooh, Dodgereeness. Beautiful, beautiful Dodger card.

This concludes today's team collector lesson. If you failed to see Dodgerness on any of these cards, go back to the top of the post and repeat as many times as necessary.


Tony L. said…
Personally, I'd probably leave Paul Blair out of it, if only to avoid being reminded of the loss...
Laurens said…
The Blair and McGwire are 'odd' Dodgers cards though I won't quibble about your reasoning to make them Dodgers cards.
capewood said…
Man I've been thinking about a post like this only of course about Phillies cards. I may still because I have a couple of different scenarios
Dave said…
Whats your policy on Bridegrooms, Robins and Superbas?
Fuji said…
The 1973 rookie third basemen card is first and foremost... a Padres card.
Rob's Cards said…
Here's a Dodger fan for you...I have the various pitching leader cards from the 1970 Topps set, and they must have been owned, once upon a time, by the same kid because he went through the cards and underlined every Dodger on the list.
night owl said…
For cards that old, I do not discriminate.
BobWalkthePlank said…
I posted an auto on my blog today in which the Pirate was the least significant player on the card.......but still a Pirate card!
Adam Kaningher said…
What about the tiny reprints of rookie cards on the backs of 1991-1993 Stadium Club? Dodger cards?
night owl said…
I draw the line at card backs.