Thursday, February 9, 2012

Awesome night card, pt. 136

I picked up my 300th follower on the blog sometime Wednesday evening while I was at work.

I figured I'd acknowledge that somehow, although I have no idea what to say. I selected this Upper Deck Fun Pack Manny Ramirez card because it's the only night card I have scanned of a player who hit over .300 for his career. Commemorating a 300 milestone with players who hit .300 seems like the thing to do -- at least on this blog.

As I've often said, when I started this blog I never expected more than a handful of people to read what I wrote here, let alone 300 regulars (although some have disappeared from their blogs, sadly). I have an enthusiasm for writing and for baseball and for baseball cards, and there are some moments in the day or week or month or year when that is ALL that I want to do. So, that's what I do, whether people want to read it or not.

Still, like a lot of bloggers, I find myself getting caught up in "is this something people want to read?" I've weighed how something will go over before I write it.

But I do less of that these days. Ninety percent of the time I just write what I feel. But every time I write, there is a love for cards involved. Every time. I hope that is apparent, even when I'm bitchy.

I write this blog for myself, but others read it. And my hope for those who read it is that they'll always find the blog fun and that my interest in and love for cards is always there.

That's it.

I suppose if I was someone else and I reached 300 followers, I'd go call up Topps or Panini and request that they sponsor me and send me free product. But I'm not really built that way.

What you see is what you get here. I like cards. I like writing about them. No other motives.

Well, unless I've had a really bad day. Then you might read about something else.

Anyway, I feel like I've written all of this before, and I probably have. I've really I've run out of stuff to say for milestone posts.

So, I'll end it and say, as always, thanks for joining me.

And following.

But not too closely, please.

(P.S.: If I lose a follower and dip below 300, don't be a jerk and point it out. Thanks).


Night Card Binder Candidate: Manny Ramirez, Stars of Tomorrow, 1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack, #1
Does it make the binder?: Yes. It boots the 2003 Bowman Garret Anderson card. Sorry, Garret, Manny did a lot better for the Dodgers than you did.


  1. I see that I picked up a few more followers the past week and am just a couple away from 100. I really need to figure out what I should do with that milestone. 300 is just awesome, congrats.

  2. Hi, I liked your blog and I invite you to join our website - The World's Free Collectors Zone.
    Hope to see you soon -:)

  3. Hey look, Shelly is back!

    Congrats, I've been watching that number so I was waiting for you to hit 300.

  4. saving the 2012 night cards for another week? I thought the TRUE MVP's night card for 2012 would be posted since Topps 2012 is the "it" thing right now. ;)

  5. let's hunt down shelly to celebrate...

  6. Congrats on 300 followers Greg. I'm sure I can speak for quite a few others out there when I say that this is a must read blog on a daily basis.

    p.s. those Lineage cards will be shipped out this weekend...

  7. Yours is one of the best blogs around. I'm amazed by the mere fact that you come up with new stuff on a daily basis, and it's intelligent and relevant. I've got a site that I post to about once a month, maybe. Just not disciplined I guess...

  8. Proud to say I was your 300th follower--congratulations! Keep up the great work! I have 10 so far on my new blog at and could use a few more myself.

  9. Kevin, I wish I could follow you, but Blogger isn't letting me.

    Shelly needs to get a life.

  10. I think this page adequately expresses the amount of value that Shelly brings to us all.

    Also, if I unfollow you, then re-follow, would that make me the 300th follower? I think it would. Some sort of prize is in order, methinks.