Friday, June 22, 2018

Not serious about Series 2

I think everyone can relate to the fatigue that sets in shortly after Topps releases Series 2:

More of the same. Didn't like it much the first time. Let's just get this over with, shall we?

I'm even having a difficult time getting myself to the level of indifference, although that's mostly because there's been no time to do anything in the hobby recently.

I am definitely committed to finishing out the Dodgers team set for flagship, indifference or not, time issues or not. It's just part of who I am. If I didn't make even a half-hearted attempted, well, then I have become a different person. I'm no longer night owl who collects for a living, but some other guy, some other bird.

So let's cast aside my funk, push aside those mounting deadlines for just 10 minutes and see some truly welcome Series 2 Dodgers just sent to me by Rod of Padrographs. They arrived today, in a tidy envelope made for busy schedules like mine.

Well, here are three cards that explain Series 2 malaise perfectly.

The three players here have combined to appear in 26 games for the Dodgers in 2018. That's it.

Tom Koehler has been injured, he hasn't played a single game for the Dodgers. In fact, I don't know where he got that Dodgers uniform. Trayce Thompson played for the Dodgers THREE TEAMS AGO. And Corey Seager accounts for all 26 games for the trio but he is now done for the season.

Series 2 is full of happy moments like this.

Rod also sent three cards from the Cody Bellinger Target insert set. I don't know how many cards are in this insert set because --- psssh, checklists are for people who have days off -- but it's got to be at least 17 cards because that last Bellinger that I showed is card No. 17.

I'm not going to complain about these cards. It's nice to have some cards to recall Bellinger's 2017 season without having to pay Topps Now prices. I look forward to getting all of these. But then, I'm a Dodgers fan.

These cards from Rod could force me to get a checklist started for the Dodgers in Series 2, although I may have to wait while the month of June is deciding whether it offs me.

By next month, I will appreciate these cards more. And want the rest of them.

But I'm not going to go too far in my enthusiasm. Because this is Series 2.

(P.S.: Dodgers Blue Heaven has just informed me the Bellinger set is 30 cards. THIRTY! OK, I definitely don't have time to type in all those numbers).


  1. Oh man, I hear you about fatigue. I'm currently in the midst of my annual collecting burn-out session.

  2. Cool action shot on the Seager. I see a little shine on his arm. Could that mean it's a night card? Even if it isn't... I never would have even considered thinking about that if I hadn't started reading your blog.

    1. Photo appears to be a Getty Image from Game 7 of the World Series (which would be a night game). The interesting this is the World Series logo that Seager was wearing on his right shoulder seems to have been photoshopped out of the Topps card for whatever dumb reason.

  3. I’m glad I don’t have to chase one guy like Bellinger. Received my Bosox Series 2 set in mail today

  4. I collect cards of guys who threw no-hitters (in the year they threw them) and I'm not happy that of the four Dodgers who combined on their no-hitter, only Walker Buehler has a card (in Series 1). None of the other three are in Series 2. Guess I have to wait for the update set.

  5. I'm curious how many of those Bellingers are going to be mailed to you.