Thursday, September 14, 2017


I'm dealing with a firestorm at work that could only be created by the internet.

So I don't have a lot of time.

But I do want to mention that my want list tab has returned to the blog! It was just the other day that I discovered it was missing. It went something like this: "Well, cover me in shaving cream and douse me with bubble gum! What happened to the want list?"

I don't remember if I took it down after the great want list erasing fiasco or know how long it had been gone. But it now has returned to its rightful spot. It's still woefully incomplete, but at least now I know why people were sending me emails that included the phrase "now that you don't have a want list ..."

Geez, what kind of operation am I running here?

Despite me actively discouraging people from checking out my want list, some still found it.

One of them was John from Johnny's Trading Spot. He sent a bunch of shiny cards, many of which were on the want list (or hadn't shown up yet).

I'll start with the big gun. Cody Bellinger found McCovey Cove last night. That was a pleasant moment for our National League Rookie of the Year.

More shiny of players all currently with the Dodgers but in various stages of duress, mostly injury-created.

One of these Gonzalezes is not like the other. Can you pick which one before my song is done?

The correct answer is Gonzalez A&G, the non-shiny one. But I'll give you credit if you said the Prizm thingy was the odd man out because, man, what the hell is Panini doing?

I needed this card because the letters on the back are red. I realize this sounds dumber and dumber the farther we get from 2007.

Johnny sent me a couple of night cards from this year's Stadium Club, too.

Not really a night card, but gracious what a shot. I'm glad it's in my collection.

Thanks, Johnny! Good wishes to you as you deal with hurricane aftermath headaches.

Those are some real problems right there.

Meanwhile, I'm now off to battle the Righteous Indignation crowd. Wish me luck!


  1. See, now I haven't been able to read regularly so I figured I just missed the post where you announced that the want list was going away while you got things back in order.

    Now that I have this ammo, the next package coming your way will be much more fleshed out!

  2. I was in attendance at the Wednesday night tilt and witnessed Bellinger's bomb....hardest ball I've seen hit to Willie Mac's cove since a gentleman named Barry Lamar Bonds took the field. Scoreboard operator must have been embarrassed because no replay was shown. Congrats on your anniversary, N.O., here's to at least 9 more!